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A spectacular 400 piece personalised jigsaw puzzle based an aerial photographic base which gives a birds eye view of your local community.

This jigsaw puzzle is personalised by being centred on a postcode and address of your choice and, for that added personal touch, there is an area on the box lid for you to write your own description, title or message.

This map jigsaw is made from quality 1.5mm millboard and has a centre piece shaped like a house!


400 pieces - assembled size: 472 x 312 mm (approx. 18 x 12 inches)


This aerial photo jigsaw uses a scale of 1:4,520 and therefore covers a land area of approximately 1 mile north to south and 1.4 miles east to west of your chosen centre point. Please see the sample image above to give an indication of the scale of these aerial jigsaws and note that this is not a close up aerial photograph of your house.

Please note that these aerial photo jigsaws are only available for locations in England and Wales and that most images have been taken between 2007 and 2011 although a small number may date from 2005. We will always use the most up to date image available for your location.


Aerial photo personalised jigsaw puzzle - 400 pieces

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